Starship Simulator

Starship Simulator offers fans of classic science fiction the opportunity to realize their childhood dreams of living and working on a deep space exploration vessel, while exploring distant uncharted regions of the galaxy.

In the 2200s, humanity has evolved spaceflight to make habitation of the extended solar system a reality.   The next frontier is exploring deep space!

The player will serve as a crewman on mankind’s first-ever deep space exploration vessel.  In the free sandbox experience, the player can get the feel for the ship, explore space, and interact with other players.   In campaign mode (available through paid DLC), each day brings new challenges and adventures, with missions, additional ships, and more!

Game Environment
The ship is built with an unprecedented level of detail, from the structural beams to the multitude of cables, conduits, and fully simulated internal hardware.  Real-world science informs the technology of the future.  Every button does something and every door leads somewhere. This is a real Starship!
A procedural space system is planned, allowing the player to explore a near-infinite universe of possibilities!
Gameplay (Subject to Change)

With dozens of unique roles for players to fulfill, there will be something for every personal play style.   Players can choose to serve as an Engineer, Medic, Scientist, Morale Officer/Chef, or civilian observer.   As players gain experience, they unlock new modes, allowing them to serve as department heads and even the Captain!

The player’s choices and actions will have a very real effect on the lives of every crew member, as well as the direction of the game’s overall narrative. Neglect a critical system as an Engineer and the ship could end up stranded, or save an ailing crew from a mysterious alien pathogen as the Doctor. This is your ship, your crew, your family.

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Simulation, Exploration, MIssions

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