The Orville – Interactive Fan Experience


Step aboard the USS Orville (ECV-197), the Planetary Union’s finest mid-level exploratory class cruiser in this free, passion-led fan project!

With the goal of recreating every room on every deck with painstaking accuracy, you are free to explore the weirdest ship at your leisure, either alone or with friends in multiplayer mode!

Game Features

Explore the world of The Orville and try your hand at being part of the crew!  Play in a single player session or jump into multiplayer with a few friends to RP or just hang out.

Support for multiple languages (see Steam store page for latest list!).    Graphics support Ray Tracing with compatible hardware.

Game features a completely original score, with undertones from the show by the legendary Patrick Phillips.


Customize your character and join the crew!  Choose your species, gender, rank, and department.

Freely explore the ship in both first and third person, including location seen on the hit show AND locations never before seen!  Along the way, interact with shipboard systems, including props, weapons, replicators, and more.

Sit at the helm and “hug the donkey”, or use the navigation panel to engage Quantum Drive to explore nearby space.   Just steer clear of those pesky Kaylons, or you may have to repair the ship!

Jump into multiplayer with a few friends and take some shuttles out for a dogfight!  Or, pick up a longbow and test your marksmanship — see who can hold the bridge the longest!   Or just relax, and try your hand some less painful entertainment in the working Environmental Simulator.

Game Site

Released On

July 23, 2019


Messy Desk Interactive


Simulation, Casual, Exploration

Minimum Requirements

10GB Storage
DirectX11 (Win) or Metal-capable GPU (Mac OS X)


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